A Country Walk – 28th July 2016

Met Graham in Henfield at 11am with a route in mind to get us to Partridge Green for lunchtime.  Only one potential problem, the route as planned used a footbridge to cross the river Adur, and it had been closed for repairs two years ago.  But I checked the West Sussex County Council Rights of Way webspace and it was not listed on the routes temporarily closed, so no problem expected.

First problem was a sign saying route ahead closed for water main works.  This was beside a hole in the road nearly full of water, with a sign – probably unofficial.

water main pond

But the route was passable, the authorities had simply not bothered to remove the signs, we found several more as we walked.  When we reached the river the bridge was closed off!

closed footbridge

A new route was quickly and easily established.  There was only one practical choice – walk the river bank until the next bridge.  This would shorten the planned walk, but what does it matter so long as the weather is kind and the company congenial.  We thought we had another bridge in view – and it was a bridge, but not for public use, and without a link to any rights of way on the other side.

Adur wier

It was just for the river authority people to access the records of weir flow heights kept in flow data recording cabinets beside two weirs.  Saw a buzzard drift past while we were here.  Earlier Graham pointed out a curious chimney stack design.  What is the zig-zag for?

close up chimney zigzag

I particularly like the re-enforcing brick web.  Soon reached the Partridge  where four pints were consumed with ham, eggs and chips.  (A cleverly planned very low carb. breakfast allowed me to do this and stay within my daily carb count).

We parted at 4pm and I got home to find myself locked out – forgot to take a key.  Forced to have fifth pint in Martha Gunn (pub over the road) where I waited and watched for Jackie’s return – with this view of the house:


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