Brighton’s offshore wind turbine project

In due course we will have 116 big turbines standing in deep water nearly 2 miles offshore, in a long grouping roughly parallel to the coast, spreading west towards Shoreham.  Work had to stop on fixing the support piles into the seabed at the beginning of May because of two things – first it was the beginning of the black seabream breeding season, and secondly, they discovered deposits of unexploded bombs and stuff (ordnance was the term used in the Shoreham Herald).  Apparently whilst black seabream don’t like drilling, excavating and churning up of seabed material whilst they breed, they don’t mind “boulder re-location”, which has been permitted during this lull in other works.

placing turbine bases (600 x 324)

But its back to work now.  Over the next few months two specialised barges will place the remaining 96 foundations to join the 20 already in place.  One is seen in this much enlarged snap taken from the top deck of a 700 bus.  Will they become a blight ruining our view of the open sea (like the West Pier was predicted to be before it was built), or will they be a reassuring reminder of the actions we are taking to ween ourselves off fossil fuels in order to moderate the ill-effects of self-imposed climate change?

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One Response to Brighton’s offshore wind turbine project

  1. kevin tansley says:

    Ah, I saw the boats the other day and assumed they were dredging. So in the future, when I look out to sea, my view of Shoreham Power Station will be blighted by distant turbines photobombing on the horizon.

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