Toads and flying ants

Yesterday early eve I was reading in the back garden when I heard something crunching across layers of brittle brown bay leaves.  A pair of toads were walking in line along the foot of a low wall, approaching three steps up to the next bit of garden.  They tried climbing the steps when they reached them, but the rise defeated them.  They moved to the other side of the steps and one struggled up the first step.  I decided to help.  The toad did not seem to appreciate being picked up, but I placed him on the top step where he saw the ants coming up from nests at both sides of the step.  Perhaps this was his plan all along.

toad and flying ant on grass aug2016 (600 x 551)

I tried to capture a picture with him at the moment of tongue extended, but its too quick. Above, the toad sneaks up on a winged ant climbing a grass stem.

toad reaches for ant on step aug2016 (585 x 600)

Above, toad stretches forward prior to snapping up another flying ant.  I thought I’d help him down after the swarm had departed, mainly because the cats next door seemed a bit close.  But again I was too late, he just threw himself off the top step, righted himself and repeated the process down to the long grass and hiding places on what I like to call the lower lawn (but others call a nine foot square of rough grass).

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