Homegrown Dinner – September 2016

Now this is a doozie (is that a word?, I think I’ve seen it before, rather out of date now – but it came to me, just after I thought “now this is a”, so there you go).

As I was about to say:  Last night we had a dinner essentially made from home grown vegetables – and it had variety.  Potato and courgette bake (with breadcrumbs, cheese, garlic and olive oil) and beetroot in the Dutch manner (according to Jackie’s recipe book) – viz: with apple and onion.  ALL the vegetables came from either the front garden or the allotment – and as I’m sure you know apples are vegetable (sure as hell not animal or mineral).  So may I proudly present a picture for your delight and delectation (complete with the obligatory Fred Pipes finger for scale – actually my finger, but its courtesy of Fred):


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One Response to Homegrown Dinner – September 2016

  1. fredpipes says:

    Excellent pointing skills!

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