Open Car Tour: day 3

After a hearty breakfast at Howfield Manor Hotel we set out to find a long Roman Road heading south from Canterbury towards the sea – now known as the B2068.  After crossing the M20, and before reaching the sea, we turned west onto the B2067 road for Tenterden for coffee and a bit of shopping at the market stalls there.  Bought some excellent rye bread and cheeses.

The B2067 was much better driving than the straighter B2068.  The combination of wide road, good long views and sweeping curves makes the MG drive feel much more thrilling, without the constant fear of oncoming things suddenly appearing (which we had on winding narrow lanes yesterday) or the dullness of foot-down straight ahead motoring on the Roman road that is the B2068.


Vroom vroom!

Next it was Battle – sorry about the lack of detail.  Great place, the finest bit being the Bishops Palace which we did not enter because its a private school for those outside ordinary society.  Apparently its always been a place exclusively for the elite.

But the empty and draughty remains of the other buildings around the cloisters are available to mere ordinary folk, so we accessed them.  Glorious really.  Lunch in a pub on the high street before we ran back to the car as the rain started, to get the top up and travel home.  Not the best end to the trip, but at least we got to raise the lid.



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