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Windows, spikes and grappa

Days ago now Rowena was urging me to go out for a walk, and I mumbled something about possibly dropping into a bar.  She suggested an alternative – a photo project – to seek out things that were ‘spiky’, ’round’, … Continue reading

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Inua Ellams – an evening with an immigrant.

We went to hear this 33 year-old Nigerian read his poetry and tell us of his life in Nigeria, until he was 12 when the growth of Boko Haram forced his family to flee Nigeria (his father is Muslim and … Continue reading

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Dinner and Jazz – birthday 2017

We left the house in windblown wet snow to wait for a bus downtown, but it got better.  Early dinner at Bom-Banes in George Street.  I had a headless bird, sounds better as oiseau sans tete – a parcel of pigeon, … Continue reading

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Toilet troubles!

After successfully adjusting the downstairs loo seat so that it fitted centrally over the pan (after living with it skewiff (Sp?) for two or more years) I decided I was ready to replace the upstairs loo seat which had developed … Continue reading

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From Halva to London Pride

There was halva in the kitchen.  Wanting to stay within my carbohydrate counted diet I read the contents.  Far too many carbs for more than a crumb, but I noticed ‘extract of Saponaria officinalis’ – whatever can that be? Soapwort is … Continue reading

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Birds and more birds

Just a few days after Christmas we put food out for the birds and were rewarded far more than is usual.  A flock of about 20 house sparrows arrived.  At one point five were trying to bathe in a bowl … Continue reading

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