From Halva to London Pride

There was halva in the kitchen.  Wanting to stay within my carbohydrate counted diet I read the contents.  Far too many carbs for more than a crumb, but I noticed ‘extract of Saponaria officinalis’ – whatever can that be?


Soapwort is what it is.  And yes it has soapy properties, it softens water but also acts as an emulsifier – maybe it helps mix the oils and sugar solutions in halva.  The Royal Horticultural Society’s website gave a list of common names for this plant, and it included London Pride.  Well!  It looks nothing like the London Pride I know from my mum’s Hull back garden – which was a darker leaved gloomy plant by comparison, and much smaller flowers:


Now THAT’S London Pride.  Jackie wanted to know if the Fullers beer was named after it.  Another search and Yes it is.  First brewed in the 1950s and named after the plant common on bomb sites which still littered London – embodying the indefatigable spirit of the plucky Londoner, rising up from the Nazi delivered destruction (along with soapwort no doubt).


So there you have it – from halva to Fuller’s London Pride.  As they say on the pump clip, “outstanding”.

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