Toilet troubles!

After successfully adjusting the downstairs loo seat so that it fitted centrally over the pan (after living with it skewiff (Sp?) for two or more years) I decided I was ready to replace the upstairs loo seat which had developed a serious list I put down to the loss of those softish buttons found under the seat.  But I was wrong.  Once the seat was removed and I was kneeling on the floor in front of the pan I saw that it was the pan that had the list!!

I lifted the carpet to discover that a slow leak had been soaking into the chipboard flooring for so long that the loo was sinking into it.  A friend and plumber quickly came round and fitted a valve in the water supply to the cistern so that I could remove the whole  thing and then start to remove the sodden and expanded flooring – breaking it off with my hands until dry sound chipboard was met.


This revealed a new challenge – only two joists are easily accessible – the visible central one, and one to the left.  The right-hand joist is the other side of the loo/kitchen wall.  I decided the best answer was too fit a single piece of flooring thickness plywood over the remaining old floor, screwing it to 2 joists and spreading the load over the existing floor on the right.  But first we took the next day off, went down town to order a new loo, had lunch and attended a talk at least partly about a big pot in the museum by Grayson Perry.  No sense in rushing and making a mistake.


Pinched the pic from a Perry Pinterest page, and it doesn’t do it justice.  The 1950s children are playing against a war-torn and ravaged setting.

The following day was bright and sunny.  Rowena offered to drive to the tip to dispose of the old toilet, after which the floor repair and wall patching would get priority.  But it was sunny, and rain was forecast for the following day.  And Rowena had to drive to Peacehaven so I made a sandwich and put on walking boots and went with her.  Lovely 9 mile walk back through north Peacehaven, Telscombe village, and along a ridge, across a valley and around the back of Woodingdean before entering Brighton through Woodvale and the extra-mural cemeteries.

Today is my birthday, its raining and the floor beckons.  Oh frabjous day!  Calloo!  Callay!

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