Dinner and Jazz – birthday 2017

We left the house in windblown wet snow to wait for a bus downtown, but it got better.  Early dinner at Bom-Banes in George Street.  I had a headless bird, sounds better as oiseau sans tete – a parcel of pigeon, chicken, bacon and venison bound in beef and tied with string.  Really.  Here ’tis:


Complete with scissors to remove the string.  Jane Bom-Bane hosts events during the festival and all year and we overhead a conversation where two events got a mention.  A reworking of the Iliad in May and a visit by ex-Incredible String Band man Robin Williamson in July.  I think we booked into both!  Jackie mentioned to Kate Daisy Grant (our waitress) that if it had not been my birthday we would not have ventured out on such a night.  Thus it was that after dinner with two small bottles of Belgian beer Brugse Zot we found ourselves receiving two verses of beautifully harmony-sung Happy Birthday and a waffle with choc chips, ice cream and a candle.


I didn’t even know there were two verses to Happy Birthday.  Too many carbs for me alone, which accounts for two spoons and Jackie’s hand sneaking back into the picture.

Just round the corner to The Verdict for Smalls jazz club and Scott Hamilton on tenor sax, with Mark Edwards on piano, Steve brown on drums and Steve Thompson on bass – and a bottle of Grenache between us.


This pic is from a different Smalls night with the same line-up, its from Smalls’ website and a lot better than the pics I took in near darkness.  Two sets and nearly 2 hours of music of which my favourites were ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’,  ‘Someday when I’m old and grey’ and ‘This can’t be love’.

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