Windows, spikes and grappa

Days ago now Rowena was urging me to go out for a walk, and I mumbled something about possibly dropping into a bar.  She suggested an alternative – a photo project – to seek out things that were ‘spiky’, ’round’, ‘warm’ and ‘weight/wait’.  So I went out and sought things or views that fitted.

Then Fred Pipes mentioned a TV item about a  geographer and his projects to cross cities and record them and his emotions/feelings (amongst several other projects – see Daniel Raven-Ellison’s website).  I heard the same guy on the radio later in the day saying how he liked seeing what people put in their windows for passer-by to see.  And so do I:


I suppose I could have called this one ‘warm’, but it didn’t make the final cut.  Around Christmas we on Round Hill have an Advent Window challenge.  Folks are invited to design and display a window decoration for one of the advent days – lighting it up or displaying it when their number comes around.  St Nicholas Road, in the centre of town does the same.  But this one may have been a bit tongue in cheek.


I did find a good spiky – though why they are there I cannot tell.  Art probably. They are opposite what I still call the Art College.


Finally I promised grappa and it is here.  A friend heard that I am fond of a drop of that clear, fiery Italian spirit, and she had been given a half litre of it.  Somewhat inappropriately as she does not drink alcohol.  My lucky day really.




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One Response to Windows, spikes and grappa

  1. jonastephenson says:

    A ‘Forking ladder to the roof’ ??

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