Toilet fixed

A couple of posts ago I put up  a picture of the hole in our upstairs toilet floor.  Eventually fixed it by cutting a sheet of plywood to fit the whole room, reinforcing the side where there is no joist handy by screwing a 2″ by 2″ timber to the plywood on the underside  of the remaining chipboard flooring.


Still not looking great, I hear you think.  Have patience.  At this stage I got Kevin back to install a new loo.  Two days ago I was up at 6am to see Jackie off on a trip to Cambridge.  Decided to finish the loo.  First had to stain-block some rusty patches on the back wall, then paint it nicely.  Then staple down underlay.  Must thank Marian for that and the carpet off-cuts from her new carpeting job.


Note the little step to protect the new carpet edge in the doorway.  Then the tricky part.  Three hours to carpet a small loo – no threat to professionals.  But pleasing to me.  By 1pm the task was completed.  Be careful how you pee!


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