Extraordinary Homes

Some weeks ago the Radio Times was promoting a show called ‘World’s Most Extraordinary Homes’.  In the write-up the author appeared amazed that the home in question was created on a footprint of just 100 square metres, as if this was a small footprint.

I read this just after watching the Stephen King movie ‘The Client’ in which a poor woman remarked, “All I ever wanted was a white house with a walk-in closet”.  She was living in a trailer.  Am I reading too much into this phrase – I think it means detached and large house.  It is the US of A, and a walk-in closet does imply big rooms.

crisp clear day aug 2013 51 ULR (600 x 545)

Anyway.  I did a simple sum.  The house I live in has five rooms plus a kitchen, bathroom and utility room.  Plenty of space to do with as you like.  And it is built on a footprint of just 65 square metres, just like thousands of other standard terraced houses in Brighton and across the country.  It seems to me that the obvious extraordinary feature of the Radio Times house is its extraordinarily large size.

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One Response to Extraordinary Homes

  1. jonastephenson says:

    I am so tempted to say, oh hell I will. “you where lucky, we lived a s……..”

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