Stanmer to Keymer – across the Downs.

I got a lift to Stanmer Park with Rowena (she was running, training for the London Marathon) and so quickly was surrounded by fields and woods and dog walkers – of which more later.  Walking up through the woods between the University and Stanmer village I passed a pond with a yew tree beside it.  The tree probably fell over in the great storm of I forget when, but it wasn’t about to give up and die, oh no.  It has generated a small copse of tall upright trees rising from the fallen trunk.

fallen yew and new growth (532 x 600)

If you like yews go see the Kingley Vale post before this one, and if you don’t like yews – what kind of person are you?

Soon escaped the dog-walkers by heading north away from the car park, and down by Moon’s Bottom in a valley where the Ordnance Survey map names individual ash trees.  Looking from across a field I cannot honestly say I could identify which were the named trees, but I fear the information was old, predating the aforementioned great storm, sorry Great Storm, so any ash there now (and there were lots) are probably not ones worthy of OS attention.  Soon climbing up one of those whale-back hills up to the main ridge and the South Downs Way and a car park.  More dog-walkers.  And these do not like to leave exposed doggy turds on the ground.  So they wrap them up in little plastic bags, and leave them behind.  I thought I’d share a few with you:

dogpoo bag 3 (600 x 478)

This pale green one tries but fails to blend in.  It seems to have been placed beside this hawthorn – perhaps a votive offering?

dogpoo bag 2 (600 x 578)

Now this corner post clearly has greater meaning to the dog poo worshipers, you will see two offering here, but there were more within a five foot radius of the post.  Posts and trees have a place in the life of dogs, perhaps owning a dog causes the value to be transferred?

dogpoo bag 4 (600 x 392)

But this one spoils the pattern.  Can you see it yet?  Sorry – is that phrase still allowed?  Its in the bottom right hand corner – green on green.  Is it perhaps a the dog-owning equivalent of an ISIS Improvised Explosive Device?  Enough shit!

pond and sheep (600 x 357)

Here is a sheep drinking at a Downland dewpond. And below lets have a sheep with an urban background – our very own doughnut on a stick, the i360 (sadly doughnut not climbing its stick in this shot.

i360 and sheep (600 x 510)

I have more sheep pictures but I know you are getting bored with them so lets close with some cattle and a hedge, or, as I like to think of it a horizon hedge (the cattle are just for scale – smaller: further away).  Its a big hedge!

hedge horizon (600 x 378)

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