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Two bits from the Sundial Conference

Fred Sawyer (he of the North American Sundial Society) spoke of something called a senelelion.  Its a rare feature during an eclipse of the moon (when the Earth gets  between the sun and the moon) when the fully eclipsed moon … Continue reading

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Cardiff, Cornwall and Scilly Isles – a beer summary.

Our first beer in Cardiff was Brains SA Gold in a delightful bar probably called the Cottage, on a central pedestrian street.  But it was the Tiny Rebel bar just a short walk away that drew us twice.  Very fruity … Continue reading

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Crysede Ltd – hand block printed fine fabrics.

Found a case of clothes and textiles in the Penlee House museum, Penzance from a long gone business set up locally in 1920 by a Yorkshire textile manufacturer called Alec Walker.  He was an amateur painter, and was encouraged by … Continue reading

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Brother Jon’s fine musical find.

Found another copy on the Guardian Newspaper site. So now it’s a link and not a my YouTube. Bypass any copyright problems. Click (touch) the little square for a full screen, press Esc to exit full screen. My Back Pages … Continue reading

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Two Cardiff Statues

Both on pedestrianised streets near to the castle, the first is lovely and has a strange semi-hidden message which I am struggling to decipher.  Its called ‘Mother and Son’, in English, or ‘Mam a Mab’ in Welsh, and was placed … Continue reading

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Inspiration to paint

In Cardiff we visited the National Gallery of Wales.  The special exhibition (Bacon to Doig) was a photo-free show, but the gallery’s own stuff is free to photograph, so here is my take – a very selfish one – on … Continue reading

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Longrock Bronze Age Menhir.

Yesterday set out to find a six foot plus standing stone.  Made my way to a wooded valley and set off down a well trod path. Met a woman coming the other way with a large labrador and asked her … Continue reading

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