Longrock Bronze Age Menhir.

Yesterday set out to find a six foot plus standing stone.  Made my way to a wooded valley and set off down a well trod path. Met a woman coming the other way with a large labradorite and asked her if I was on right track for the standing stone. She looked blankly at me, so I showed her a picture of it from a Scilly guide. She shook her head, said she didn’t know it but thought it might be in the woods somewhere off to the left. We parted, and less than 2 minutes later, walking down a path with no branchings off, I found the stone, beside the path she must have walked down.

Seems I cannot put a photo in here.  There is an icon for it, and the process seems to work, but nothing appears,which rather spoils the whole exercise.  SOD!

Trying again.

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  1. jonastephenson says:

    Arrr Technology …

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