Inspiration to paint

In Cardiff we visited the National Gallery of Wales.  The special exhibition (Bacon to Doig) was a photo-free show, but the gallery’s own stuff is free to photograph, so here is my take – a very selfish one – on it.  Just three pics, and some of the words from the adjacent captions.


Mornington Crescent by Spencer Gore (c1911) was painted from his window.  He used his immediate surroundings a lot.  I have been telling myself to do a drawing or coloured sketch a day in the back garden.  OK, his is good, and not banged out in an hour, or 20 minutes more likely, but it reminds me to DO IT.


The Francois Zola Dam by Paul Cezanne (c1879) was originally known by another name.  This is explained on the caption as being the result of Cezanne’s habit of ‘openly changing the landscape to enhance the image, so the exact location can be difficult to pinpoint’.  My painting is like that too, or at least people have said, ‘Is that supposed to be this view?’.   More encouragement from the masters!


And finally we have Rain, Auvers by Vincent van Gogh (1890).  I learnt that his painting career lasted barely 10 years, and during his life he barely sold a thing.  In both those ways I am like van Gogh.  Such encouragement.  Bring on the Isles of Scilly and I’ll be ‘en plein air-ing’ with gusto.

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One Response to Inspiration to paint

  1. jonastephenson says:

    Vincent van Gogh: He sold many many pictures during his early days !! He worked at his Uncle’s Art Dealership…

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