Two Cardiff Statues

Both on pedestrianised streets near to the castle, the first is lovely and has a strange semi-hidden message which I am struggling to decipher.  Its called ‘Mother and Son’, in English, or ‘Mam a Mab’ in Welsh, and was placed here in Queens Street in the 1960s.  Robert Thomas was the artist, and he was from the Rhondda, which probably helps with interpreting the curious package Mam has attached to her wrist.

P1100570 (305 x 600)

It contains a piece of coal, an industrial bobbin of thread, a baby or foetus (?) and a container which might be a miner’s lunch box or snap tin.  But I’m guessing.  Anyway altogether I see it as a burden she is carrying.  Nonetheless she manages to look proud and elegant, even with bird shit on her head.

P1100572 (474 x 600)

The second one is a little lighter, and I don’t even know who he is, its just the way he is being used that drew my attention.

P1100567 (530 x 600)

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