Another 25th wedding beer blog

This will be the last, but it is worthy of note.  Lots of lovely folk brought beers of interest and quality.  Some days after the event there were still some in the fridge.  And here they are:

25th anniversary beers (600 x 586)

The cans from Miriam and Martin.  The Occultist claims to be a semi-skimmed chocolate, coffee, vanilla milk stout.  And why not?  The whiskey is not a beer, but it was a gift from Maire, and I had to share it with Jackie.  Sooo small for two people.  The Hardy’s Ales are from many years ago.  Today they are brewed by Meantime Brewery, but these two come from O’Hanlon’s Brewery and were brewed in 2006.  Finally the three remaining (Liberation, Cydonia and Staggersaurus) are all bottle conditioned beers brought by Lynsey and Laurence.  I thank you all for your continuing interest in my drinking habits.


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