Day trip to Beachy Head and Eastbourne

We took a bus to Eastbourne, the 13X which goes across the Country Park of Seven Sisters.  Got off at Beachy Head, high on the chalk overlooking the English Channel, and, as we walked east, Eastbourne itself.  Beautiful sunny day kept comfortable by a breeze, but at other times its more than breezy up here:

windy tree

This hawthorn has spent all its life living with a strong wind from the west.  The plan had been to do some art at the Towner Gallery, but we got distracted by the first pub we saw (The Pilot – well kept Harveys), then found a pub for lunch (burgers and Greene King beers, but good enough) before visiting a huge second hand bookshop where volumes were bought.  At one point I had 4 in my hand – but convinced myself they would be too heavy and just bought one.  On to the Towner:

Towner gallery

When we got to the gallery we only had 90 minutes to enjoy Ravilious and Friends, but after a few miles walking, and plenty of food and some beer 90 minutes seemed long enough to be standing and looking.  The four of us caught a bus to Brighton, bought salads and wine, and bused to Strat and Tamsin’s for a leisurely eating and drinking in their garden.  I must have walked home, but to be honest the memory is less than clear.

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