Its the First Saturday in May

And you know what that means?  World Naked Gardening Day!!  Oh Yes.  Beautiful weather and a not-busy allotment, so here I am.  Carefully posed whilst fitting sticky bands to our cherry tree.  They might reduce the number of ants and woodlice eating out the fruits, after other beasts have made the initial hole.


Getting ready to deal with the very sticky paper strips – and no clothes to wipe my hands on.


Its tricky stuff, or sticky stuff.  A simple mistake could be as painful as a waxing (or so I’ve heard).


Getting stickier – wrapping the greasy paper around the trunk, overlapping it (so it stays up by itself) then tying waxed string around the paper top and bottom to stop cunning wee beasties from sneaking under the paper.


First piece in place, just two more to go – on the other branches.  But you’ve seen enough.  We went on to weed a bed, trench and plant 25 potato tubers; cut down the canes and weed the raspberry bed, weed another bed and tie in the blackberry canes which should fruit this year.

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