About me

I am Rob Stephenson.  Born in 1950, in Hull.    Went to university at 18 (East Anglia University in Norwich) and left with a degree in Environmental Sciences.  Lived in Brighton since 1971.  First married when about 24, to Jacky Smith.  Together for 16 years when she became ill and died – cancer.  Married Jackie Jones in 1992 – still married to Jackie.  No children.  25 years in environmental education, at Brighton University for 17 years, then freelance.  Then a house painter for ten years until today (May 2013) when I’m finally retired.
The photo is me outside my tent, camping on the Isles Of Scilly in about 2010.

7 Responses to About me

  1. tara says:

    i love and miss you uncle rob!

  2. Tony says:

    Hiya, Rob.

    Tony… [Waving manically]

  3. Hello Rob

    Christopher Brownsword got in touch this week and said you were my mother – Wynn Kaye’s brother – Jim’s – son, so I guess we are cousins! I live in Ashford Kent with my daughter. We have quite a few artists in the family I think! I am more literary minded.You my remember my father’s business in Hull, TS Kaye @ Sons – my brother has made a website at Weebly under that name just google it in. I last saw Mike Waterson at my mother’s funeral in Hull – I liked the sea shanty songs they used to do.

  4. Sally Marie says:

    Hello there, This is a little odd because we do not know each other. I am a dance maker and unbelievably I am also doing some research into Morfydd Owen for a new dance theatre work. I also saw the performance you attended and wrote about. I am not sure where you live, but we start a two week process with the dancers, a pianist, an opera singer and a writer in a weeks’ time. I thought perhaps you might like to pop into the studio and meet us maybe if you happen to be near Swanley in Kent, Ipswich or London. The name of my company is Sweetshop Revolution. And the commission is from Coreo Cymru and The National Theatre of Wales. Warmest wishes, Sally Marie

  5. Tony Lock says:

    Another frantic wave from Tony.. I’ve lost (sorry – my computer lost!) your email address. If you have mine, can you contact me?

  6. John Stanyon says:

    Just read your info abou the Pintie milk bottle. I am not aware that the MMB gave it the name, it was given that name by the Glass manufacturer, somebody suggested it should be called the Dumpy until it was pointed out that this might lead to these new bottles being dumped rather than being retuned to the dairy. I worked for well over 30 years in the glass industry for a company who produced more milk bottles than any other glass company in GB.

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